Winning Team

SPOILER ALERT: stop reading now if you haven’t watched Episode 4.

The unique chemistry of the Red Team, comprised by Seth Funt and Charlie Breitenbach, was evident from their first meeting at the airport. “I thought, ‘I hope I’m not partnered with him,’” Seth recalled, shortly after he and Charlie won the first-ever One-Boat Challenge. Although they may have been an odd couple, Seth’s intensity and technical acumen, paired with Charlie’s even keel and laidback sense of humor, proved an unbeatable combination. Their shared passion for fishing made for memorable days on the water, and an unforgettable finish. Congrats to both on their incredible victory.


Our competitors pledged their support and helped bring attention to numerous worthy causes through their participation in the One-Boat Challenge. Along with our winning team members, we’d like to congratulate our two winning fishing charities. Each organization represents the best of angler-led activism, and Minn Kota and Humminbird are proud to help support their mission through a total financial contribution of $10,000.

Captains for Clean Water Coastal Conservation Association

Seth’s Charity of Choice: Coastal Conservation Association

Coastal Conservation Association ensures the health and conservation of marine resources, and access to them through legislative advocacy at the federal, state and local levels. 

Watch what Robert Taylor, director state development, had to say about the One-Boat Challenge and how the prize money will be used.

Charlie’s Charity of Choice: Captains for Clean Water

Captains for Clean Water advocates for clean water and healthy estuaries across Florida in an effort to restore fisheries and support Florida’s outdoor economy.

Find out how the winning team’s donation will be put to work from Chris Wittman, program director.

one-boat network

Giveaway Winner

One lucky angler is set to embark on a One-Boat Challenge of his own. After his recent retirement, Joe T. was already pursuing a Vexus boat to fish bass tournaments in his home state of Missouri. Rigging out his new fishing machine got a whole lot easier when Joe learned he was the winner of the One-Boat Challenge Giveaway. He’ll be taking home his own One-Boat Network setup, complete with an Ultrex trolling motor, SOLIX fish finder and Talon shallow water anchor. From Lake El Salto to the Ozarks, Minn Kota and Humminbird are helping anglers everywhere dominate.